My husband never fails to remind me that I am severely allergic to the Internet. The world wide web has ensnared me and trapped me in its webby talons, and then made me ineffectual. Okay nothing that dramatic has happened. My husband, the tech-trigger-happy person, however, insists that I emanate some electro-magnetic power that repels anything electronic. So gadgets simply fail to work around me – those smart brilliant gadgets that would perform those dooper cool processes, simply die around me. And the super hot Internet that has changed everyones (incl. my own) life, simply fails to work, or really really slows down when I happen to surf by. It’s like I’m the equivalent of the plague for anything electronic. Of course, when this techie husband of mine picks up the laptop in an attempt to quiet the wails that emanate from my soul at failed technology, he merely needs to tap and pat and stroke the damn machine and it responds just fine. It’s not like I don’t love it like he does, but damn it, isn’t it just a friggin’ machine? I guess that last statement just damned me into technology hell, or the equivalent – which is no Internet, ever. You may never read any more blogs written by me. If they are written, it’s gotta be an imposter….