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The Slow Romance of Snow and Ice – [Travel Fiction]
Desire can be stoked in the strangest of places and in the coldest of times. A fictional travel story of two honeymooners who explore the remote courtyards of Prague, Budapest and Dubrovnik
Verve Magazine, September 2017


My Child Does Nothing On Vacation, And That Is Alright
What use is a holiday if all you do is chase itineraries?
Conde Nast Traveller, August 2017

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The Curious Colours of Colmar – [Colmar, France]
At the heart of the Alsace region in France lies a beautiful town that makes your heart sing. Colmar is the spot that makes you fall head over heels in love.
Verve Magazine, September 2016

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Spells in the Shadows – [Including 10 Art Stops in Prague]
There is a deep romanticism in Prague, the city that speaks of desire and timelessness.
Verve Magazine, July 2015


“Of Perfume Paper and Tea” – [Pondicherry]
Pondicherry has a perfect slice of life up for grabs. Where you can be charmed and bring back memories laced with fragrance and atmosphere.
Verve Magazine, May 2015

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“Bavaria: Champagne Nights” – [Bavaria]
The charming Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria the the place one must stay at.
Verve Magazine, April 2015

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“Silent Night” – [Prague’s Mandarin Oriental]
In the reverberating party buzz of Prague is a property that combines history and serenity with charm.
Verve Magazine, October 2014

“Knotty Travails” – [Destination weddings: humour]
What is a wedding but meticulously planned theatre for those in attendance, finds an aunt who helps arrange her niece’s destination soirees. A peek into her diary…
Verve Magazine, September 2013

“Out of India” – [Social comment on children travelling abroad]
It’s best if your kids get trained on home ground to face the intricacies of a splashy European holiday, as you travel in season with the jet setters of the world. But while tossing around the Mediterranean waves, are Indian kids missing out on knowing their own turf?
Verve Magazine, April 2012

“Baby’s Week Out” – [Singapore]
Singapore – the destination everyone’s been to. Repeatedly. With children in tow. A diary of an eventful trip to baby-friendly Singapore with an eight-month-old – where things turn out not quite as they were meant to be.
Features, Verve Magazine, March 2012

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“The World According to Ash” – [Around the world]
Cover story for the travel issue: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan talks all the unique places she’s been to from her time as Miss World all the way to acting in Indian cinema and abroad. Anecdotes, incidents and memories.
Cover story, Verve Magazine, March 2011

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“Candlelight Feasts” – [Mauritius @ the Le Saint Geran]
Michelin-starred gastronomic exclamations, exotic spa therapies, mother-of-pearl pedicures, personal butlers who unpack your bags, private excursions, water thrills…
Travel, Verve Magazine, September 2010

“Russian Revelation” – [Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg]
Exploring the many treasures of Russia is like balancing 17 Faberge eggs on your head, breathing fire and inhaling ice, sharing breadcrumbs with a hungry tigress and walking a tight-rope while knocking down a few vodka shots….
Travel, Verve Magazine, April 2010

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“Paradise Found” – [Maldives]
Discovering the pristine beauty and gastronomical delights of the Taj Maldives.
Verve Magazine, February 2010

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“Fine Lace and Liquid Chocolate” – [Bruges, Belgium]
Its charming canals lined with low-hanging trees, moss-covered stone houses with flame-coloured roofs and sleepy cobble-stoned pathways make for a great honeymoon destination, far from the madding crowd. Here’s to the world’s chocolate capital, a UNESCO world heritage city, and the once-cultural capital of Europe, Bruges, in Belgium.
Travel, Verve Magazine, September 2009

“Shopaholics Delight” – [Macau]
Tourism-driven story on the buzz of Macau.
Verve Magazine, June 2009

“Bali’s Haute Brigade” – [Bali]
Up close and personal with some chic expat entrepreneurs living in Bali, where international eyes meet local hands.
Travel Special, Verve Magazine, April 2009

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“From China, With Love”
Reclusive writer Vikram Seth goes from Heaven Lake down memory lane, about hitchhiking from China through Lhasa armed with a rare travel card and glutinous broth with pork fat for company.
Travel Special, Verve Magazine, April 2009

“The Roads Most Taken”
Founders of Lonely Planet publications, Tony and Maureen Wheeler talk about starting an empire and living like nomads.
Travel Special, Verve Magazine, April 2009

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“And When Home Beckons…” [Bali]
The complete Balinese experience includes rice paddies on mountains, volcanic home of the gods and sun-kissed beaches. Amanresorts creates a lifestyle out of intimate experiences with their three exquisite properties in Bali.
Travel Special, Verve Magazine, April 2009

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“Hope Floats” – [Andaman and Nicobar Islands]
Sweeping palms and azure waters conjure up an idyllic way of life. Tragically, a gigantic and destructive wave washed all that away faster than you could say ‘Nicobar’. A report on the return of the celebratory spirit of life in Car Nicobar post the ravages of the 2004 tsunami.
Travel Special, Verve Magazine, April 2009

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“Turkish Trail” – [Turkey]
Caught up in a whirlwind, you are swept from place to place, in this vast expanse of Eurasian land. Check out the top 5 places to visit in Turkey.
Travel, Verve Magazine, March 2009

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“European Rhapsody” – [Europe]
Travel, Verve Magazine, September 2008

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“Napa Notes” – [Napa Valley]
Travel, Verve Magazine, August 2008

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“Turkish Rites” – [Turkey]
First Person, Verve Magazine, July 2008

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“Ouzo & Meze” – [Greece]
Food Essay, Verve Magazine, March 2008

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“The Greek Dozen” – [Athens, Greece]
Verve Stop, Verve Magazine, March 2008

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“Cycladic Groove” – [Mykonos & Santorini, Greece]
Travel, Verve Magazine, January 2008

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“Viennese Waltz” – [Vienna, Austria]
Top Notes, Verve Magazine, November, 2007

“Romancing the Ringstrasse” – [Vienna, Austria]
Verve Travel, Verve Magazine, November 2007

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“The Forbidden City of the Dragon Lady” – [Beijing, China]
Verve Travel, Verve Magazine, Jan 2007

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“Xi’an’s Treasure Trove” – [Xi’an, China]
World Wonder, Verve Magazine, Jan 2007

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“Guilin” – [Guilin, China]
Time Warp, Verve Magazine, Jan 2007

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“The main course is French!”– [Shanghai, China]
Rambling Reporter, Verve Magazine, Dec 2006

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“Sleepless In Seattle” – [Seattle, USA]
First Person, Verve Magazine, March-April 2006

“Picture Perfect New Zealand”
Life & Soul, Verve Magazine, Jan-Feb 2006

“Bogeys or Birdies?” – [Golf in Mauritius]
First Person, Verve Magazine, September-October 2005

“The Isle of Eternal Spring” – [Tenerife, Canary Islands]
First Person, Verve Magazine, March-April 2005

“Letter from Chapel Hill” – [Chapel Hill, USA]
Epistle, Verve Magazine, Vol 10 Issue 3, 2002

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