a while ago, everyone was talking about ‘the secret’ – the book that changed the lives of many people. apparently, if you desire something and you put it out there, the universe conspires to make it happen for you.

i was skeptical for quite a while. but my husband lived the secret. literally whatever he wanted, he could get, just by wishing it. so i knew it worked for him.

it was only recently that i realised – it does not respond to a hankering desire or need, or a sense of quiet desperation…. it responds merely to a quiet desire/ uttering – a statement you may have made in passing, which will suddenly come true or work for you. you say it/ wish it – unconsciously and then forget it. it isnt linked to thinking deeply about it with your heart and soul, just realising a desire. and it comes to you. it may take time, or happen immediately, but it works.

and that, according to me, is the secret of the secret. you only realise it when it happens to you.