monotony is a plague – of the mind, of the senses and of human talent. even the most exciting places, jobs or people get monotonous after a point of time and it becomes impossible to grow within that self. to shrug a way of life that has become familiar and dependable takes guts – but it is the only way to steer clear of a rut. i believe that we have something extraordinary that lies within us – something that must be tapped into, explored and when given free rein to, becomes something that revolutionises, if not the world, then at least our own selves. it is painful to see greatness die – as it dies every single day within the minds and talent that remains untapped and unexplored. we are unfortunately happy being ordinary. that choice defines who we are. being ordinary is a state of mind, not a circumstance of birth. lets break free to do something that defines us, that explores who we can be, rather than what we settle to become.