i have always felt that to really get a break, you need to leave the place that you live in, and go somewhere else. that breaks the cord of attachment and helps get your mind free. just this weekend i discovered that that may not be necessarily true. i had a fabulous time, where I didn’t think about anything that would bog me down, because I behaved, for a day, like a tourist in my own town. I watched a play, ate dinner out, went somewhere else for drinks, hung out at a friend’s place, slept in, went out for brunch, and wrapped up with a 3D animated film. I would probably do one or two, or maybe even three of those things on a normal weekend, but not all. And coming together in a single day, where I don’t have to think about anything that matters, makes my mind feel so free. Sometimes, coming home can be fun and relieving, but sometimes, home can mean something much bigger – a life that you want a break from. There’s often nothing wrong with our lives, it’s how we pace ourselves and how seriously we take it. So often, our mind just needs to break free – whether it is for a few hours, or even for a day.