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It’s true when people suggest that in times of strain, one can judge how the people around you think. It’s also true that people like to align themselves with success and steer clear of what they consider ‘failure’. These are such relative and useless words, and we chose to bring our children up with these terms.

In the magazine industry, we have readers who want to read about the ’successful’ stars, the advertisers who want to associate themselves with the ’successful’ people. And the definition of success is so arbitrary that it is shocking. Why don’t we want to hear about talented people who didn’t make it? Who struggled and probably have an interesting story to tell? Because all our dreams are aspirational – what we sell to people is all that is good and ’successful’ because we are selling winning formulas.

Isn’t success getting up every morning and trying to do what you love, and doing it again even if you failed at it? Isn’t success just doing what you love and failing as opposed to succeeding in doing what you hate? Isn’t success passion and drive and vision and faith? Isn’t success more than winning and losing? Isn’t success more than being No. 1? Isn’t success simply not thinking about failure? Isn’t success being a good person? Isn’t success just being who you want to be?

Why is success evaluated on a tangible material quotient? Why is success evaluated at all? Why should I judge someone else’s success-quotient? Isn’t it easier to take joy in what you do, without judging – yourself or anyone else? Isn’t it a easier simpler life?