when you meet someone for the first time, your instincts are very strong – the radar is on high and if you are an intuitive person, the signals you pick up (also depending on how straight-forward or how duplicit the person you are meeting is) are often dead-on. You tend to pay greater attention to the body language and signals that emanate from strangers. When you meet a person for the second or third time, both your and their guards are down. Neither is paying that much attention to the signals, rather you tend to concentrate on the conversation and taking ideas forward – similarities and differences. In that relaxed state of mind, you miss much that should be noted, because you no longer think it is necessary to pay attention. the comfort level acts like a red herring. eventually, your senses are getting deader with repeated meetings, since the relevance of subtle hints is not longer important. You are getting distracted by the free flow of words and conversation. And for intuitive understanding of the other person’s personality, words are just noise. Ironically, one must consider judging a book by it’s first reading and a person by your first impression.