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Watching the Filmfare awards and the Oscars back-to-back just reinforces the fact that we will really never be ‘cool’ enough. I mean sure, we can wear the well-cut tuxes and the flowy gowns, but it is the on-stage humour that really sux. If they are not ridiculing other people, they are trashing each other – literally, with eggs and such. I have no issues with pulling a leg here and there, but must it be done in a crass manner? I guess for the people who want subtlety and wit and sarcasm of a higher level, we would need to turn to the Oscars. After all, the TRPs are derived from the masses, and I guess the masses get crass humour, as we can tell from the overwhelming amount of terrible comedy that emerges from Hindi cinema. Our awards are so predictible, the humour so boring and the performers so obvious and unenthralling that one wonders why we even bother to watch Hindi cinema award shows. Of course, the industry was made happy, by splitting the awards between all the ‘camps’, making sure most went home with something. Possibly the only innovative act and the highlight of the event was Shahid Kapoor’s tribute to Michael Jackson, which actually involved skill, talent and thought. And the fillers? Bring back Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan, I say; out with the stale acts. SRK and SAK were good the first time around, now it’s just a bad deja vu. Actually, why should I waste my time on this blog post. I have one word for our awards shows: *Yawn*.