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While Aamir becomes the most powerful and possibly esoteric Khan of Bollywood, and SRK swirls to the music of Karan Johar’s melodrama at a severe loss to his own histrionic credibility, the Khan we all (anyone with a brain and desire to see good cinema) gave up on, has bounced back with a film that rides entirely on his charisma and iconic characterisation. While cinema is about intelligent pursuits and thoughtful execution, the heart of Bollywood lies in pure entertainment. Salman provided it to the masses, in a crass, slapstick sorta way, but Dabangg appears to have taken his playful soul and exaggerated it on screen in a way that would bring a smile to the lips of even the toughest cynics. This is the film that he has enjoyed, and has created an iconic character, which will remain behind much after the film is long forgotten. Even those who haven’t seen the film, refer to Chulbul Pandey and his antics. Salman has reinvented himself, and many a time, it is the successful reinvention that is the most interesting graph: Amitabh, Saif, and now Chulbul. I may actually warm to Chulbul as much as I did to Maine Pyar Kiya’s Prem….