Another mafia film…and we’ve all seen, liked and re-watched Satya, Company etc. But OUATIM has something different going on – while all the regular elements of the underworld and the dark alleys and gritty lives comes to the fore amid the sophistication of money and power, while the male protagonists Ajay Devgn (Sultan Mirza) and Emraan Hashmi (Shoaib Khan) play their roles well portraying the different facets of the dons: one who plays a kind of robinhood – is a smuggler with ethics – he won’t ‘dirty’ his city Mumbai and forges a tenuous partnership with the rest of the gangs in the city. He’s the likable anti-hero; while Khan is out and out a bad cookie. He only craves power, money and is willing to go as far as possible for it.

While their contrasting characters are at a very basic level, easily understandable, what is more interesting though, are the love stories running through the film. Why do the two very attractive women love these men? Kangna Ranaut plays a movie star (Rehana) who falls for Mirza’s persistent charms…in a way one can see the attraction. She is looking for someone to sweep her off her feet, and the men she meets in the film industry are slimy creatures who stake claim without any pretences of love or affection. Mirza on the other hand, truly loves and cherishes her. His love for his city, for his woman are all pure and devoid of the drama that controls his professional life. Khan’s relationship is a lot more complicated: why would a simple girl like Prachi Desai (Mumtaz) stick around with a hooligan like Khan, when she knows – but remains in denial – about his no-good behaviour?

Maybe Rehana has seen the purity of Mirza’s soul and fallen in love with that; what has Mumtaz seen in Khan? Is it the living-on-the-edge kind of romance that works for her, the attraction to the bad boy – eventually one who cheats on her despite his assurances of love, or the desire to make him a better person than he himself would want to be? Did she expect anything else? In her attempts to remain pure against his immortality, she constantly gives way to him and his desires…there is not much of a fight. Despite being gifted a stolen necklace, she is back with him – is it fear of the consequences, or love?

While we saw how it ended for the men, it would have been nice to know what happened to the women who loved these men unconditionally.