Possibly one of the more unacceptable human failings is a lack of will power. To deal with what life has to offer, one needs a strong will — and when I encounter a weak mind, I am filled with a deep sense of regret, frustration and even annoyance at a life, moment and time wasted.

The very fact that your emotions, desires and wants – even habits — overpower your better sense and mind points to a flagging spirit and not much steadiness in the soul.

What prevents us from fighting the battle to better ourselves, to control ourselves? Possibly nothing more than our own self. I believe we often lack the courage, conviction and self-belief to make us who we can be and remain stranded as who we are – floating aimlessly and limply along a mire of weakening self-worth.

We invent reasons for being such, turn a deaf ear to those who try to help us, and basically put up a wall against change. Because it means giving up whom we have got accustomed to being. We believe that staying so will give us greater joy than changing. That change implies giving pleasurable things up. What we fail to realize is that it means being proud of whom we can be — replacing the weak, irascible spirit with an infinitely positive one.

Those who wish not to – or can’t – change, are ones who appear to be listening, but never do, who have a ‘but…’ ready at every instance, whose glass is always half empty, coz they can’t stop drinking from it.