Published Verve Magazine, December 2014
Photography by Manpreet Singh

She can race cars, ride horses, skydive and speak the language of luxury with equal aplomb. A born entrepreneur, Pushpanjali Chawla makes her presence felt on The Rose Code

Pushpanjali Chawla for Verve's The Rose Code

I strongly believe that if you do something, do it to the best of your ability, or don’t do it at all.”

Thirty-seven-year-old entrepreneur Pushpanjali Chawla née Baidyanath (from the family owning Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Ltd) took a chance when she left Pepsi (USA) and moved back to India. She found a niche in the burgeoning, but hitherto unorganised, luxury market. The Stanford University and University of Richmond alumna kick-started her erstwhile venture Blueprint Retail Pvt. Ltd. with Burberry as her first client, followed by Exclusive Motors (Bentley and Lamborghini). She’s a consultant that companies may partner with to achieve their brand goals; she also provides outsourced solutions for retail operations and management and is currently involved in the ventures Luxuryworks, Piivotul Consulting Services and Luxuryworks Gifting Service.

Self-motivation, Pushpanjali feels, is the one key trait that keeps her going through the victories and the downs, not to mention managing via rigorous prioritising and delegation. “I surround myself with good people who I can rely on, both at work and at home. My husband (Rohtash Chawla, owner and director of Signet Garments) and my 10-month-old son are my absolute priority. Being organised and managing your time well are critical to being a master juggler.”

Enjoying the aspect of her work that allows her to avoid regular work days, she can “travel often, research constantly, work across industries and categories and meet a wide range of people. It’s dynamic and ever evolving.” Always one to live in the moment, Pushpanjali is into adventure sports, is a certified skydiver and has raced on the Nascar amateur circuit in the US. “When you are jumping off a plane or approaching a sharp corner on the race track, your mind, body and soul are all in the grip of that one moment. It’s pure, exhilarating and completely free from the yesterday and the tomorrow.”

The published poet and former US State beauty pageant winner is a power dresser who believes in timeless elegance – the sophisticated classic with a feminine touch. Turning out for an occasion means wearing something elegant in monochromatic colours, fine jewellery and statement heels. She treasures her engagement ring, wedding band and a jhoomar worn by her grandmother on her own wedding day. “My engagement ring and wedding band were both designed by my husband. His engineer’s mind got the proportions and ratios on the rings just right…they are magnificent!”

Pushpanjali Chawla remains inspired by “the goodness in life and beauty in nature. I meet amazing, wonderful human beings every day.” She believes it’s important to be non-judgemental because “no one can walk in another’s shoes” and that allows her to appreciate and celebrate diversity in thought and action. And success is being able to say, “I did it my way….”