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when the system is rotten from the core, what can an average man do besides take to the streets and picket? Post 26/11 there have been a surge of interest groups, trying to make a difference. Now the time has come – to make a choice. Do we want to vote for criminals and ineffectual people and leaders or for those who have left bright careers to make a difference? Whether the person wins or not, it is our choice to stand by them.

every election time we complain about not having a choice to vote for a good candidate. we complain that we only have to choose from the better for two evils. we complain that there are no smart, young, dynamic, and most importantly – honest people who want to change things. well now there may be – and we have a choice.

this voting long weekend – one must not take off to our local version of the hamptons. or even if we do, we should vote and then leave. and vote for the best person, even if he/she is an independent. It can take one voice to start a revolution.

check out: http://www.meerahsanyal.in/ – for someone who wants to make a difference.