Life is like a chipped nail – one that is actually chipped from the edge deep near the skin, with a sharp edge that snags everything it touches. You just gotta wait for it to grow out and blunt.

What are opportunities? Things that you hanker after hoping to get the chance to fulfil; things that you think you will do at some point of time (like a good deed) and when a chance comes your way, you think – ah, well not this time; or things you never expected to do, but just popped before you waiting to be accomplished; or finally things that you never got to do because someone got there first? Or a situation that you converted into something great. Or is an opportunity just accepting what comes your way, even a broken nail that snags?

Is it just waking up every day and doing what needs to be done, doing things right and just making the best of that day? Taking a positive approach to life…

Is an opportunity simply realising that every choice is an opportunity?

A broken nail is a choice simply in the way you deal with it.  to be honest, i stamp my foot, whishk in aggravation and file the damn thing. doesn’t bode too well, does it?