i really dont get it, why doctors make you wait endless amounts of time, simply to make or break your day. its like a sense of power that they wield – ‘i have the ability to heal, so i also have the power to make u wait endlessly!’ i get the part where they have to rush around making better and healing the lot, but the fact that appointments are given to multiple people for one time slot, and then everyone waits in nervous anticipation that turns to vigourous impatience and finally severe exhaustion leads to more illnesses at a clinic/ hospital than getting better! You see sick people waiting around and you feel sick even if you are not – drained and numb. Dr’s visits should be like a shot – get in and get out; and cheery places. Definitely painted daffodil yellow and lime green, with a dash of aqua. Seeing it should make you feel better and like going on a vacation. As far away from the dr as possible!