people pop into my life, drop a few notes, suggest a few reads, and change my life irrevocably.

Lunch with FT: Manolo Blahnik possibly the best interview i have read in a very long time – excellent piece of writing!

Really beautiful story…

Very few videos can inspire you like this one can. It really makes you think a million times about what is important in life.

Dancing Matt – he’s funny, lively and doing nothing but being himself.

In Memoriam – An issue that commemorated the 26/11 Mumbai tragedy with fiction, poetry, art, essays, photoscapes and features…. To ensure that we never forget that is it only we who can make a change.

Dubai – the flip side. It is shocking, it is dramatic and it is real.

For Sound of Music lovers – it will make you super happy!

Cool wedding video – now this is the way to do it!

Pritish Nandy’s column on The New Politics of Austerity on mark. For his other columns: Rediff Blog

Amusing baby videos:

  1. – baby blood
  2. – charlie bit my finger
  3. http://player.ordienetworks.com/flash/fodplayer.swf – will ferrel video