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if you really think about it, love marriages can be as much of a compromise as an arranged marriage. if you marry for love, then, unless you are really lucky, everything else is a compromise.

if you marry for material satisfaction, then unless you are very lucky, love is a compromise.

the bottom line, life is a compromise. the only difference being, you choose your compromises.

in fact, life has come a full cycle. If you go back in time you would realise that marriages were arranged – for the best possible choice, with often no choice in the matter. Soon after, the next generation adopted the concept of love marriages – where love mattered more than the options it came with (or at least we hope so, it is indeed massive generalisation). And now, we see an era of mad love taking place in the younglings (a mere few years younger than us): they are experiencing true love in the louis vuitton.

marriage is now once again a convenience – it is an arrangement of convenient love that comes in the shape, size and price of a (or many a) designer handbag. the mantra: “he does love me so, he always buys me the best!” if we need a brand to define who we are, then we do indeed suffer from distastrously low self-esteem.

Who we are is and shall not be determined by who or what we wear, carry or hang out with – it should be something that emanates from us – a greater sense of being, a whole person. if you were to be remembered, how do you think people would describe you? With or without your handbag?