The burnout rate is pretty darn high. I mean we haven’t even got to achieving our goals and we are ready to retire – the glass beach house in Mykonos is calling. I don’t know whether it is the burning ambitions, the high level of connectivity, the deep need to get ahead or simply a desire to resist change, that people can’t last out in jobs, in relationships, and suffer from ADD. I do know that we are all desperate for a simpler life, a life that is less full, less complicated, less involved. December gets to me – the need to represent society and yourself everywhere is just intolerable. the need to be a successful Type-A is painful. The need to make everyone happy is difficult. And in the midst of it all, finding yourself is impossible. Who are we, and where are we headed? The eternal existential question hounds me. Recently at an interview with a young Bollywood star, I was humourously reprimanded for not thinking ‘facts’ and thinking about the things we can’t control – it reminded me yet again, how much time we waste is worrying about what lies ahead, and simply, not living in the moment. No fear, no worry, no angst can touch you if you live with the facts and live in the present. But then, life would be so bland without all the drama, right? Life is an existential drama and we are simply enacting the scenes. And to, stage left, scene two.