It’s not what I am doing, it what I am not doing. Is that ambition or greed? Where do satisfaction/ contentment end and a lack of drive begin? I guess it’s also about personal goals – if u are only working towards your own satisfaction that equals greed eventually, but if your goal is greater than yourself, it’s about humanity and to make the world a better place that would never be too much. Finding a deeper goal in life is what makes it worthwhile. It’s quite pointless otherwise. But what if you spend your whole life, waiting for that deeper goal? You tried with a vague end and no means. While you are trying you wonder what drives you.

How much is enough? How much will you push someone for greater targets and goals? There’s a fine line between full potential and stress from impossible targets. Impossible to draw the line. One person’s ambition is another person’s greed. One person’s complacency is another person’s contentment.

Everything in life is so relative, that one wonders who defined what works and what doesn’t? If humans have the capacity to err, then they may have erred about a lot of things. And we follow them blindly. Religion being a prime example of blind faith. If we just put blind faith in principles and ethics, and less into rituals and false moralising, it would be so much easier to accept people, life and situations. Most fights revolve around the most pointless of things. What is fundamentalism, if not a highly misguided premise that you are right and someone else is wrong? Who defines this for us? Why can’t there be multiple rights and multiple wrongs? After all, that’s what quantum science would like us to believe – that reality exists at multiple levels, time is just a thought and existence is relative.

Everywhere in life, there is a fine line between what’s good and bad – unfortunately most people have crossed the line so early and so thoughtlessly that the line isn’t visible to them anymore. Let’s stop, consider, let be, and let go. Let be all that doesn’t really matter and work on what does. How much energy do we waste on things that are supremely unimportant, that we wouldn’t even think about tomorrow? Simply because it exists now and maybe irritates us now? As Sahil says, if every time we are annoyed, mad, or confused, if we stop to reconsider if this will matter tomorrow or in a year or even in 5 years, it really won’t seem so important.

We often spend more time worrying about the consequences, when they haven’t really happened. But, living life in the way it is, takes away a bit of the drama, now, doesn’t it?