I think one of the most underrated qualities today is humility, and sincerity. In fact, ironically people attach a premium to cockiness – women find the bad-boy swagger strangely attractive. It doesn’t take much for something to go to your head, to make you think – whether it stems from confidence or insecurity – that you are the shit. That the world revolves around you, and life happens because you exist. Everyone has some role to play in life – on a stage, there is a drama to be staged. If one can accept that we are all learning, every single day, from so many others, we would always drink humble tea.

It’s not really about who you are or what you have or who you know. It’s really about what you do with it. You can be the biggest star and have the humility and grace to not have any airs and graces, no pretentions and truly be normal. That doesnt make you less of a star, it just makes you more real, more likeable and more appreciated. It is refreshing to see that, and the cynics find it tough to believe it. The cynic in me has been squashed today – for once.

Fame and money, are so dangerous – they are an addiction. The high gives you the impression that you own the world, that the world lies at your beck and call. It is that illusion of immortality that needs to vanish, before your life falls around you like a pack of cards. Remember Scarface? It’s so heady, being considered important, wanted and admired; that when life changes, it’s incredibly tough to deal with.

If someone in a relative seat of power can remain grounded, all battles have already been won. You don’t need the cup then, the saucer will do just fine.