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there’s something about wants. they drive u insane. i mean it could be even just wanting some peanuts to munch on, or living in greece (im retiring in mykonos, and thats a fact.) today, on a monday, i drove to lavasa with my family and friends and it felt nice. but the pressures of the real world kept sliding into my thoughts, and taking away from the present moment. i wistfully held onto the thought of spending a great deal of time in a place like this, far away from the madness of bbay. but that wouldn’t work would it?

it’s human nature to create, generate madness; and human desire to want to escape it. if we stop lying to ourselves, we thrive in our own madness. we wouldn’t last a day in a sanctuary of peace. that in fact, would drive us totally mad. so, in our madness, we find our sanity. if only, we could appreciate the power of now. and enjoy every moment – mad or not, for what it is. The moment we question our happiness, we lose control of our mind. Live now, live free. It is the answer to our future.