from the time someone told me that death comes in threes, the morbid part of my mind began watching out for it. one down, two to go etc. i mean not that i wanted it, more like fearful anticipation. the theory hasn’t failed me so far. its been a few years.

today, however i realised that i havent been looking for the unexpected, only for the fearfully expected. every time something darkens your universe, something or someone comes along to brighten it. it can be a smile, a caring hug, a few kind words, but they mean more than they would on a normal given day. especially if they come from unexpected sources. and sometimes, your personal and professional life collide to the extent that someone from your work existence gets a chance to give you solace or be there for you when you least expect it.

it’s important to remember that kindness/ empathy doesn’t come easy – humans seem to have dropped that natural ability to care for someone outside their direct influence…possibly around the time selfishness became the mantra for survival. in all my times of grief, i thank the people who showed up for me, and hope i can do the same sometime, somewhere.