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i have yet to understand meat-eating pet-lovers. i haven’t really reconciled to meat eaters to start with, but what’s the scene with non-vegetarians loving their pets? they bathe them and care for them as if they are their own kids, even more than their kids. americans may forgo a meal to go that extra mile for their pet. but they wont forgo meat on their table. while food choices are up to the individual, i find it painful that people with the power of greater understanding and empathy, who don’t do things merely for survival, would willingly choose to cause so much pain to another living thing simply to satisfy their taste buds. the way animals are farmed, the way they are created and tortured, it would make anyone shudder with repulsion. but when the meat it tasty, who cares about how it was created, right? Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Meat raises pertinent questions…and the New Yorker has done a good job of presenting the case for the book. http://3.ly/meat

While I know not everyone can become a vegetarian or vegan, it helps if people think twice about cruelty to all animals, not just their household pet.

While cosmetic testing on animals is banned, and Legally Blonde 2 presented one helluva case, what about the billions of animals that are tortured and dying every day to make for an appetising entree? Cruelty takes place in many ways, and its important to start looking at the mass killing that you might be perpetuating, while ignorantly giving your pet a bath with scented oil.

And if you must eat meat, why not your pet? Its easier to kill and eat a stranger, is that it? So should mass homicide be pardoned, if a person is very loving to his/her immediate family?