So, I just realised that my last post, about expectancy and waiting was written on the day I went into labour. Little did I know then, what to expect. It may sound cliched, but a saying posted on route to Bandra from SoBo: “A child gives birth to a mother” is actually so true. I may have given birth to a lovely little baby girl, but she has changed me from that moment on in ways I can’t describe. Never actually being heavy on the maternal gene-thing, there is sudden shift when you hold your own child in your arms, and feel her take a breath of air, open her eyes and try to focus at the world around. It should be an experience every woman should experience once. As you watch her form actions, movements and expressions, you find yourself and your husband reflected in her – she closes her eyes like him, she sleeps like him, she looks like me…. It is like a part of you has begun existing independently – and all the rigours of mothering a newborn seem immaterial in the face of such wonder. It takes nine months to create a baby, and nine seconds to create a mother. She takes bits and pieces of you and forms a personality and persona of her own. An entire person with a full life ahead of her.