Somehow the wonder of a new life is deeply offset by the news of a sudden, unexpected, accidental death – of a person who has not yet lived his life in full, who has a long way of dynamism to go, who has shared his dreams, thoughts, ambitions with the world and is a book with many empty pages. I look at my newborn child next to me, with a world of dynamism lying ahead and I think about the acquaintance lost, he who had a world of dynamism still planned, unfulfilled lying ahead of him. He didn’t know the end was tomorrow – his last tweet was, ‘And tomorrow is another day…’ There is remorse in loss, there is relief that the loss is not your own, there is a hollow pang for those whose loss it is to bear, there is a fear of having to ever face such a loss, there is trepidation over how in the world his family would come to terms with this loss…. Death in it’s uncertain, unpredictable and ruthless form is a tough act to deal with – and as you walk through life, you realise that embracing life means accepting death.