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Published: Vervemagazine.in, September 2014

Trivandrum-based artist, Ratheesh T, writes in to Verve from a cafe right before his showing at Japan’s Fukouka Asian Art Triennale

Ratheesh T

Born in Kilimanoor, Kerala, Ratheesh T has held solo exhibitions in Mumbai and Berlin and now makes his way to the fifth Fukouka Asia Art Triennale in Japan. Bold lines and structure suggest a confidence of stroke in the 34-year-old artist. His artworks are on view at the Triennale from September 6 to November 30.

4 Qs with Ratheesh T: 

Artistic motivations “Why do I paint? I paint for myself, for my growth. Thinking is not enough. Doing is important and only through that comes understanding and growth. Thinking is also for growth. Through that growth comes painting.”

Inspirations “My mother and past life are a gift, and my main inspirations.”

Wishlist for the wall “Leonardo Da Vinci.”

Artistic concerns “India is my country. Living in India, spending lot of time with local people; the biggest problem I see is our religious system. The problem is the symbolisation or simplification of religion.”