Vervemagazine.in November 2014


From an organic site-specific installation by architect-turned-artist, Asim Waqif to an exploration of structure and space through Aditya Pandey’s abstract paintings, Rajorshi Ghosh’s photo montages and video, and Vishal K Dar’s robotic lighting ensembles (crafted out of automotive parts sourced from the grey market), The Science of Speed explores the ‘immersive environment of pictures, objects, lights, colours and sounds.’ The title of the exhibition draws upon French philosopher Paul Virilo’s concept of ‘dromology’, describing how society is referenced by and revolves around mass media, which the philosopher considers to be a form of modern warfare.

Much like their observation of the movement of images in mass media and culture, the artists in the exhibition acquire and recycle images and objects without a reference to the original context or function. Check it out for the ability to step away from a burgeoning digital culture and question the endless consumption of information that after a point becomes seemingly meaningless.

The Science of Speed by Nature Morte is on view at Famous Studios, Mumbai from November 6 to 16, 2014.

Artist Profiles

Asim Waqif Hyderabad-born and New Delhi-based architect-turned-artist, who has had four solo shows in Paris, Delhi and Mumbai. He recently showed at the Marrakech Biennial. He has been associated with many research and development programs in Badrinath, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

Aditya Pande Lucknow-born and New Delhi-based artist has a degree in graphic design from NID-Ahmedabad and has had five solo shows in Mumbai, Gurgaon, London and New Delhi.

Rajorshi Ghosh Calcutta born Ghosh now lives in New Delhi and Ohio, where he teaches at the School of Art at Ohio University. Also an NID-Ahmedabad graduate (Visual Art) he also did his MFA from the University of California-Los Angeles. He’s exhibited internationally, and in received the Jury’s Recommendation Award at the 11th Japan Media Art Festival in Tokyo.

Vishal K Dar New Delhi-born and based artist studied architecture in Gugaon and later did an MFA from the University of California-Los Angeles. He’s exhibited internationally and was awarded the ‘Promising New Artist’ award by the India Habitat Centre (2006).