Published: Vervemagazine.in, September 2014

Where do memories take you? What happens to the residual thoughts? This eclectic group show at TARQ pushes the boundaries of subconscious expression

Pocket Maps of the Mind (Residues of Memory), curated by Veerangana Solanki for TARQ, looks at the multi-faceted nature of memory. The show focusses on different, complex ways in which the mind selects, stores and internalises memories to create ‘perilous utopias’ which ‘can never be destroyed, because in our minds maps they will always exist as residues of memory.’

The show previews this evening and continues until November 7, 2014 at TARQ (F35/36, Dhanraj Mahal, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai).

Sahej Rahel Artist TARQ Sonia Jose artist TARQ

Here’s the low-down on the exhibiting artists:

Prayas Abhinav, Ahmedabad: Artist, occasional teacher and curator. He has worked in the last few years on pieces of speculative fiction, software, games, interactive installations, public interventions and curatorial projects. He is interested in politics, pedagogy and the interaction of the humanities and the digital.

Nandan Ghiya, Jaipur: He refers to the 21st century as one of emulation, competition and pressure. ‘No matter what we may achieve, somehow our pursuits never end, for the image itself seems to change or transform over time with changing trends and lifestyles. The transitory state is the state of its existence.’

Sonia Jose, Bangalore: Drawing inspiration from everyday life and experiences, Sonia’s art practice relates to the environment and personal/social history. Her work stems from a need to preserve and acknowledge lived experience – she is particularly drawn to the intimate and overlooked circumstances that surround routine life practices.

Payal Kapadia, Mumbai: Payal’s work includes documentary, experimental film, and animation. Her current works are concerned with nature and the memory of a human-nature relationship. They attempt to trace back a history of this relationship in the Indian context by examining texts such as the Upanishads, as well as myths and folktales.

Prajakta Potnis, Mumbai: Prajakta’s works are an inquiry into the seepage of time and aura around mundane objects from daily life. They dwell between the intimate world of an individual and the outside, through mediums of photography, painting and site-specific installations.

Sahej Rahal, Mumbai: Sahej’s artworks revel in masculine fantasy, whilst also mocking its affectations. The solitary characters he essays seem to have emerged from Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces refracted through George Lucas’s Star Wars series. The nature of these characters, like that of the peculiar beasts he fashions, is often ambiguous.

Sandunes is the full-time electronic music project of Sanaya Ardeshir, Mumbai-based producer, composer & synth player. From early influences in jazz and blues, to a defining stint with London underground sounds, her music blends various organic and electronic elements into a hybrid zone.

Wolves is a live visual project and proto-rebellious medium for Joshua Dmello and Jash Reen. Currently teething, the project is being tested through 3D-mapped installations for alternative residencies (Smash Up, Bass Camp) and commercial mainstays like Lakme India Fashion Week.