Vervemagazine.in October 2014

Antonio di Canito spends a month in India and captures women immersed in water through his frames

Verve Magazine Art Ganga Antonio Di Canito Sakshi

Italian photographer, Antonio di Canito, recipient of the Arte Laguna Prize: Technymon ARTresidency, created these images during his month-long residency in India, where he explored Varanasi, Delhi and Puducherry (Pondicherry). Taking off from the reverence that Indians have towards their holy waters, he has shot portraits of ordinary women immersed in the water, combining the motifs ofmata and water. Says the artist: ‘Sometimes I like to include symbols in my work as seen in Renaissance paintings. The juxtaposition of woman and water, for me, represents birth, strength, power and love.’

Ganga previews this evening and is on until October 14, 2014 at Sakshi Art Gallery (Synergy Art Foundation Ltd., 6/19, Grants Building, 2nd Floor, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai).