Vervemagazine.in October 2014

10 works addressing the relationship between nature and imagination. N. Pasharamulu’s debut solo opens today in Mumbai


The Karimnagar-born and Hyderabad-based N. Parsharamulu finds his debut solo in Mumbai where human forms (with heads shrouded in darkness) appear as figures in motion that are stunted or interrupted. He’s exploring the world of reality through imagination, through the visible and invisible; and as is with all art, through the dynamics of human perception.

It is nearly like an X-ray into the world of the unknown, made more so by his chosen monochrome palette, as if creating his own Rorschach ink blot test into the psyche.

5 Questions with the Artist, N. Parsharamulu: 

1. Artistic motivations “Life as I see it unfolding within and around me.”

2. Inspiration “Eastern philosophy and art itself.”

3. Choose to have at home “Francis Bacon and Edward Munch.”

4. Artistic concerns “I address the relationship between nature and imagination in my works.”

5. If you weren’t an artist, you would be… “I cannot imagine being anything other than an artist.”

Itself previews on October 9 evening and continues until November 8, 2014 at Gallery Maskara (6/7, 3rd Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai; 11am-7pm Tuesday through Saturday only).